MENA Solutions works hard to ensure all clients are 100% satisfied with our work. Take a look below to see what our clients say about us.

Vice President, HR – Telecoms and IT

I’ve had the pleasure of working with MENA Solutions over the past year, during which they have helped me search and recruit very high caliber candidates for senior positions within the GCC market.

When we had business together, I found MENA Solutions to be very professional, transparent and well informed in a very supportive way. MENA Solutions is one of the few recruiters I met in the telecommunication field who:

  • Understands the needs and requirements of the client
  • Interviews professionally the potential candidates testing their competencies
  • Helps both companies and candidates meet each other’s expectations

MENA Solutions continues to provide an exceptional service that resulted in the successful hiring of key individuals for my business unit. I would not hesitate to recommend MENA Solutions if you are looking to hire business critical staff.

HR Director – Manufacturing & Engineering

We did not have in house capabilities to recruit massively in a short time period, yet we had to increase our capabilities with new recruits and add to the Bridgestone team in MENA. We choose to work with MENA Solutions and are very satisfied with the work done by a highly effective project lead in Ria.

She is able to adjust to our needs as they change and also able to source new candidates when the initial proposed ones do not fit what we are looking for.  As we now look to insource our recruitment efforts, we might still go to McKenzie jones for specific niche needs we have as we find they screen the industry and market efficiently.

CEO – Manufacturing & Engineering

In the GCC market, it is often difficult to find a quality recruitment company who you can confidently partner with to ensure you client’s needs are met within the timescales required.  I approached MENA Solutions based upon a history of working with this business and their continual drive to not only meet your needs, but also their focus on customer delight.

This project was no different to the standards and quality of work I have become accustomed to MENA Solutions delivering. Their consultative approach, understanding of market trends and partnership mentality remain second to none in the GCC market.  We are successfully working through the second phase of our project currently and I feel absolutely confident that the entire project will be delivered on time and budget.

I will continue to recommend MENA Solutions to all my clients and personally find the entire team thoroughly enjoyable to work with.

Vice President, Social Media – Telecoms and IT

I have had the pleasure of working with Ria from MENA Solutions for the past few months. Ria is an outstanding recruiter. She was able to quickly grasp my career requirements and provided phenomenal support. Her performance has far exceeded my expectations and I feel very fortunate to have had her time and talent.  Ria is well organized in her approach to search and her strong communication skills have been a real plus throughout the process.  I give Ria my highest recommendation. She is an extremely bright individual with an extraordinarily positive attitude toward her work. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Ria.

Vice President, Accounting – Telecoms and IT

Ria is exceptionally good in her role as Account Manager at MENA Solutions, she is proficiently skilled in identifying the right candidates and taking them though the whole selection process. She is very well organized, pays great attention to detail and excellent in her follow-ups & project management skills.

Chief Commercial Officer – Telecoms and IT

Ria is a very dedicated Account Manager with a strong sense of urgency in getting things done. MENA Solutions shows a clear understanding of the needs of the clients and ensures closure with effective detailing and execution skills. I would highly recommend Ria for her role in helping shaping the careers of senior executives as she understands the nuances of the executive search business. Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Senior Chief Engineer – Manufacturing & Engineering

Matthew Roy is highly potential skilled personal. MENA Solutions handled my opening to RPA very professional way. Also he has an effective communication and quick response helped me to settling in RPA smoothly. Still he is continuing his support in every way.

Good luck and best of luck!!

Senior Chief Engineer – Manufacturing & Engineering

It was my pleasure to work with Matthew from MENA Solutions on a position he was filling in Saudi Arabia. He was very thorough and provided all the information needed to move the process along. He was particularly good at ensuring the client he was recruiting for was meeting the timelines established. Even after I was in the position, Matthew would follow up to ensure that all was going well and answer any questions I may have had.

Exploration Head – Oil and Gas

As [an] Exploration Manager… I have recently hired two high caliber candidates for my team that David Flemming identified following a face to face meeting in our office in Dubai. His professionalism and cooperation was fantastic. The fact that David is based in Dubai added an extra element of synergy between Dragon Oil and TEC, including David helpfulness in providing a very valuable advice to the selected candidate on the logistic of relocating to Dubai.

Chief Marketing Officer – Telecoms and IT

David knows his stuff. He’s a bulldog with a relentless focus on making things happen. Remarkably thorough, completely on-point. And he does it all with a smile, making it look easy.

If you need some one senior to get a job done, call David. He’ll deliver the goods.

Management Consultant – Telecoms and IT

David was one of several recruitment consultants I dealt with while at Du. He was by far the most effective, making the most of our corporate briefs and job descriptions to source few candidates that truly had dream profiles for the job.

Beyond his professional approach, David has true flair for the business and a relentless drive; anyone who works with David must be ready to keep up with great results turned in at record speed.

Consumer Director – Telecoms and IT

I’ve turned to David lots in the past 3 or 4 years because he always has the right candidates for short and long term hires at exactly the right time. David has a keen eye for talent, is open minded, enthusiastic and is outcome oriented. All of which are key attributes in a highly competitive area.

I’ll happily continue to work with David.

CEO/Founder at the Pricing Bureau – Telecoms and IT

I just took up a great role in Qatar recently thanks to David’s professionalism, tenacity and sheer hard work. When I engaged with David first I had no intention of leaving my role/company, never mind country, but explored the opportunity out of sheer curiosity. Despite being risk averse at the best of times David quickly got me excited about the opportunity and moreover he patiently took on board and addressed the many concerns my wife and I had about the move to the Middle East. His local knowledge, insights, frankness and honesty proved to be the winning formula. A win-win for all concerned! Suffice is to say I would have no qualms recommending David to any hiring manager or job seeker.

Chief Commercial Officer – Telecoms and IT

I have known David for a number of years and he is one the most professional and well-presented recruitment consultants I have had the pleasure of working with. David is energetic and focused he helps understand your needs and find solutions quickly. David has developed strong global contacts which makes him essential to consult with when considering new assignments, personally or for your company.

Sales Director – Telecoms and IT

David is a highly professional recruiter that provided my company with an exceptional service that concluded with the exact requirements we had requested.

Global Vice President and GM – Telecoms and IT

David is an experienced and trustworthy advisor in his field of expertise. He drives a business relationship forward in an executive way both regarding project management and identifying key challenges. I highly recommend David as business partner.

Head of Business Unit – Telecoms and IT

David is one of the best headhunters that I have come across. He is extremely professional, highly considerate and very personable. One could always count on him in providing invaluable inputs and ensuring that there is a win-win situation for all parties (both the end client’s as well as the candidate’s ends). I would have absolutely no qualms in working with David again in the future when the opportunity arises. I would also highly recommend David to any organization in need of acquiring highly specialized and top class talents.

VP / GM / Head of Corporate Strategy – Telecoms and IT

I have known David both as a thorough professional and a fantastic human being. He is open & honest in his approach. The trait that distinguishes him from his competitors is the personalization and candidness of his dealings.

In addition to being courteous and prompt – he has the ability to master any new industry he ventures into within a very short span of time. Never lets you down and will go the extra mile to create a win-win situation!

Head of Product Management – Telecoms and IT

David did an excellent job at finding me a new role in the Middle East.

Not only has he got a great knowledge of the market, he also took the time to give a detailed briefing on all aspects of the job and the location which I found invaluable in making my decision to move.

I highly recommend David to anyone who is looking for new opportunities in the Middle East.

Vice President – Telecoms and IT

David was instrumental in convincing me to make a challenging and exciting career move by focusing on my long term strategic goals and providing sound calculated alternatives. He coached the entire transaction for months dealing with all matter ethically and professionally. His passion and enthusiasm were the main factors in achieving favorable results to all parties. I thank David for all his assistance and wish him all the best always.

Executive Director – Manufacturing and Engineering

David has actively supported the project from the outset despite our ability to meet most of our staffing needs internally. On the occasions we have needed to recruit he has always identified well qualified candidates in a very short time frame. David will be one of a limited number of recruiters we select for the next phase of the project.

Executive Search Director – Recruitment

I worked with David [and] he made a huge impact in a very short space of time. He brought on many accounts which due to his ability to deliver, combined with his professionalism, his clients came back to him time and time again. He has an excellent grasp of his target markets and the recruitment process. He was proven valuable in Target Partners s growth and contributed with not just consistent billings but in establishing good working ethics and team environment. David is an individual that gets things done. He is well organized, pragmatic and tenacious in his approach, always ensuring any loose ends are closed off in a pro-active manner. He has always offered transparency, consistency and enthusiasm to everyone he has worked with. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be hugely successful at Penta.

Regional Managing Director – Financial Services

David was instrumental in finding me work when I got to the UK in 2006. He was a refreshing change from the usual head hunters in that he took the time to really understand my skills and what I was looking for. He is dedicated, enthusiastic and always delivered on his promises.

Director, New Business – Financial Services

David stands out with his tenacity and focus to deliver results. He knows his market very well and is excellent connected with key decision makers at the major institutions in his target segment. David is a pleasure to work with, always follow up diligently and deliver consistently on his commitments.

His professional services can be highly recommended.

Senior Director, Strategic Global Alliances – Telecoms and IT

I have worked with David on a number of occasions and found him to be of the highest caliber. His attention to detail and integrity are second to none and his ability to find candidates and opportunities place him well ahead of a competitive field. I would have no hesitation in working with him again.

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